Is getting traded in this weekend, so I am selling all my stereo equipment that I just finished installing.

Stuff I Purchased brand new (less than 3 mo use, will come original paperwork, packaging, etc.)
HU : Pioneer AVH4800BS - $250. Including SiriusXM SXV300V1 Tuner
Amp: Alpine PDX V9 - $350. Power cables, and 6 channel RCA included
Subs: Hertz audio Energy 8" (x2) in sealed box: $250

Fronts (purchased used on ebay: JL Audio C5-650 components. Only have the speakers, tweeters and xover. no speaker rings, grills, etc.
$ 300.00

Rears (Also from ebay. Again, only the speakers; no rings, grills, etc): c2-650X. 2 way coaxial speaker with built in xover. $50

Total: $1200... if you buy the whole lot, i'll do $900.

Seperate from the lot above, I also have a pair of 12" hertz High Energy that are about 7 years old. They are in good working shape, but will need new trim rings (scratched to shit) asking $250 for the pair.

Pick up in Methuen.