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    I was approached by Scott-GTR a few weeks ago with a request to sponsor the board through a new venture he has been working on. As one of the original founders of the site... I was pretty happy that he approached me to sponsor the board. Many of us know Scott's love and appreciation for tuning. His GTR is one of the most bad ass GTRs in the US. He continues to pave the way for others to mod their own vehicles.

    For over 10 years, Kaizen Tuning has been perfecting the art of bringing the customer more. Personalized service from staff that know not only who you are, but what you want.

    The name of the company is based on Kaizen - the Japanese word for "Kai" (change) and "Zen" (for the better). Together Kaizen represents the philosophy of continual improvement that the Japanese automotive builders brought to the USA in the 80's. Kaizen Tuning has adopted this theory when it comes to automotive deisgn, and it's their own philosophy when it comes to tuning and improving customer's vehicles.

    They have experience with a myriad of products and platforms from entry level racers to bonafide supercars. They are friendly and offer their services as a personable alternative to chain stores. Contact them to see how they can help you meet your ultimate goals.
    On YuppieRacing
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    Hey all!

    Scott McIver
    Kaizen Tuning LLC

    2009 GTR
    2010 Evo X
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    Thanks for the welcome...
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    Welcome on board Scott. Glad to have you.
    Samuel C. Lurie - Owner/President
    The Beantown Sound - Professional Disc Jockey Services
    2012 Mercedes S65-AMG
    2011 Ford E350 Quigley 4x4
    2002 Porsche 996TT
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