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Thread: Wash and Wax: Porsche GT3RS

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  1. #1 Default Wash and Wax: Porsche GT3RS 
    Porsche GT3RS that says it all. One of our best customers picked up his new GT3RS today.
    He wanted us to work on it before he went overseas unfortunately we could go full tilt on it, so we did a quick wash and wax with Swissvax Divine.

    Products used:

    Gilmour Foam Gun
    Uber Yellow Wash Sponge
    Adam's Car Wash
    Uber Waffle Weave Drying Towel
    2 Buckets/Grit Guard/Dolly
    Adam's Glass Cleaner
    Uber Glass MF Towels
    Swissvax Divine
    Uber Yellow All Purpose Towels

    Not best shots as it was about to rain....


    Tommy on the wheels


    Cleaning up the jambs
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    Dried up and waxed
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    Looks SICK... Maybe Scruff will let me and Steve do our thing on his Viper Green
    The disease runs deep, relapses often, not looking for a cure, just another sick bastard to share it with.
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