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Thread: BAVARIAN AUTO SHOW - Best BMW show of the YEAR!

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    nice pics...I love the old school M3's...e30?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ATF View Post
    Were you the one of the guys speeding down 95 and 93 in an IS and got off in Malden?
    you got that right..haha
    '00 GS300
    '08 IS250
    '05 IS300
    '73 240Z

    Quote Originally Posted by Philsans5
    Wes get your hands out of there!
    Quote Originally Posted by streetxdreamer View Post
    spotted LFA in toilet, promptly flushed it
    Quote Originally Posted by MassBimmer View Post
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    wish i saw this post earlier
    nice pics though looked like a great turnout
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