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Thread: Video Surveilance Systems, need suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alkivar View Post
    I have one of those already
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    motion sensor water sprinklers that spray a dye that is only visible under a blacklight coupled with motion sensative cameras and the rest of the good stuff coupled with a dvr.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Casperbrown View Post
    I use Asante (indoor) and Vivotek (outdoor) cameras - these multi-megapixel cameras are easily available online and at a reasonable cost. My software is Security Monitor Pro, an excellent video surveillance software and I love it. It has time based recording and motion detection alerting, and remote viewing, along with many other features that are useful. Easy to use and reliable. Also supports webcams.
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    brass isn't good enough for those guys. Too heavy. They have burnt titanium because they are that awesome.
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