As some of you may have already heard, after the last Boston Event Guide Summer Party Cruise, my company banner went missing. I initially speculated that after a wild cruise, it ended up in the Atlantic, however my staff, and others present think it was most likely stolen. Judging by the way it was affixed to the ship, and the more I think about it, I'm starting to feel like this might be the case. I'm going to try and not be angry about the fact that the time and money I spent in designing and production of this banner that I used for advertising my business is now gone, and look at it as an opportunity to make a new, and better banner! This is where you come in...

I'm looking for anyone with a creative mind, and some Photoshop design skills willing to volunteer their time and whip up something new for me. To give you a feel for what I am looking for, please download the link below for some samples of my other artwork, fonts, logos, letterhead, flyers, envelopes, and the old banner design.

Currently Used Art:

You can also check out my webpage: to get a feel of what my company "style/feel" is.

6' Wide By 3' High
Full Color

MUST contain at least following information:
"Professional Disc Jockey Services"
Web Address
Phone Number
Company Slogan (The Difference Between Ordinary & Extraordinary Is Just That Little Extra)

Whatever else you add as far as graphics, or words, or think up, I am open to taking as ideas and suggestions. PLEASE keep in mind, that whatever you come up with, I might want you to tweek a little bit after I see it. A big please and thank you goes out in advance for anyone who designs something for me.