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Thread: gimme pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by buzztt View Post
    starring strange english guy who no-one can understand shouting, swearing and yelling various anti german remarks at various parts because they refuse to come out of car
    This could be worth some $$$ on the interwebz
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris! View Post
    This could be worth some $$$ on the interwebz
    maybe jeff would be better, freakishly large guy ripping m5 apart with bare hands

    forgot to mention one of the precision tools we used last night....phils 6'' lock knife
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    post pics of my shitbox up, as long as you get graffix permission of course (handjob?)
    Bath salts and dick pills
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    if you still need pics, i believe my car is on Mike's flickr
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    With or without pupes?

    Scott McIver
    Kaizen Tuning LLC

    2009 GTR
    2010 Evo X
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    I'll throw some up of the STi when I can find a good one...I think they're on the home computer.
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