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Thread: stereo/nav help

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    I need some help with my avic system. I want to have the nav working with having to pull up the Ubrake.

    Any ideas??
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    Not sure how to do it with your system, however my Eclipse has the same limitation. I added a switch to the line that permanently grounds the line so the nav thinks the ebrake is on all the time.

    Can you find the wire that is going to the ebrake?
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    hahaha....yeah i can find the wire cause i ripped the wire off the ebrake. Now I just have the wire and need to ground it somewhere.
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    Need to check the manual on the wire. Is it grounded or powered. Manual should help. 99% chance its a ground so just bolt to something and see if you can nav
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    We used to do that same thing, only add in a switch so it would function as designed if you wanted.
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    Which AVIC do you have? they are all different

    EDIT: Don't just ground it.. If its a newer AVIC, you just move a pin on the harness...
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    yup just moved the pin and it is all set.

    Thanks guys!!!!!
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