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Thread: 2x Thule Big Mouth Bike racks NOS

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  1. #1 Default 2x Thule Big Mouth Bike racks NOS 
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    Nov 2009
    I picked these up about a month ago since the kid was selling them pretty cheap. I needed one, and this dude had 3, but didn't want to break up the "set".

    They're brand-new, and weren't opened until I took pictures of them for Ebay.
    (they still have the foam wrap around the claw, 2 keys, each, and hardware is still sealed)

    These are actually Genuine Saab Accessory bike-racks. This means they're branded as Saab, and not Thule. If you're not a Saab guy like me, you can peel the Saab sticker off.

    here's a stock photo of them:

    I'd like to get $100 each, but feel free to PM offers.
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    Just an FYI for everyone, I have this and use it to hold my 45lbs bmx bike with a 3inch down tube and it grabs it fine. Holds it better than any other one I've used, this one is nice because you can throw anything on there (except maybe a downhill full suspension bike haha)
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    And I was hoping to throw my DH bikes on there...... OP, do you know the widest tire that can fit on the rack? Aero bar compatible?
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    Nov 2009
    sorry. they've actually sold.
    They have the hardware for the old square tubes, but I'm certain you can get hardware for aero/c-bar.

    as for tire width, I think you can go pretty wide. I'd say 3", or so. (not sure if that size exists?)
    I'll measure the track in the AM.
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