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Thread: Experiences with Sansossio Auto Body

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  1. #1 Default Experiences with Sansossio Auto Body 
    I thought I'd give you all a heads up with my experiences with Sansossio...

    I went to Phil Jr. in August or September (I don't remember) of 2008 after my STi was keyed all the way around.

    An insurance fight and $3k later, I had the car back, and it was pristine! Absolutely gorgeous. Phil Jr. did the work, and great work at that. He's definitely quite the perfectionist.

    We wanted to give the paint a little time to cure, and then I'd bring it back to get a wet sand and buff and send me out the door again to rid the car of any imperfections / orange peel, and we did just that. I brought the car in, dropped it off for a day or so, and then picked it up, at no charge, looking gorgeous again after a couple months worth of driving. In fact, it looked better than when I picked it back up the first time.

    So I drove the car around a few more months, racked on some hard highway mileage back and forth to NJ, and my brother put a gash in my rear bumper, and the little f$%@ing kids that lived in the ghetto behind my old apartment used to enjoy throwing rocks, which my car was naturally a victim of back the car went.

    That time I had them fix the gash in the bumper, repaint the entire bumper, and do some small dent and ding repair/removal around the car. Cost came to $750.

    Needless to say, working with Phil Jr. was a pleasure, I was always taken care of, and the car always came back looking beautiful, so I trusted Sansossio to do all my body work....

    Got rid of the STi, bought a big F250, and needed some work done on that.

    I had some rust issues forming on the front of the roof, where the clearance lamps are drilled through the roof, and also a small bit of rust by the rear cargo lamp. I wanted to get everything fixed before it got worse - no question in my mind, I'd bring it to Sansossio.

    Brought it in, was quoted $900, which quickly turned into $700, and I wanted to have some lights around the truck painted, so we settled on $750. I spoke with Phil Jr. several times while they had the truck, and everything seemed to be going great!

    He told me they used adhesives to fill the rust hole on the roof (about the size of a Snapple bottle) rather than welding, which sounded a bit strange to me, but ok, fine, cost savings, budget, as long as it holds for 5 years, fine...

    I got the truck back, looks great from the ground...

    I got to looking at it about a week after I picked it up, and I was quite disappointed. I sent a PM to Phil Jr. letting him know the situation, and I spoke with Phil Sr. to let him know I'd be coming back in to have them look at it.

    Here's what I can see, and I'm by no means a professional auto body person, nor painter; I'm just meticulous. I can see a line from the body filler through the paint in the front where they repaired the rust hole. There are also bubbles throughout the entire roof, and even a few spots where there is dirt in/underneath the paint. Moving around to the back, there is paint on the rubber trim that goes around the rear window, and I can see waves AND the body filler underneath the paint around the rear cargo light...

    Now keep in mind a few things, I'm bringing the truck back to the shop to have them look at it, and I'll give them a chance to fix things, especially since I know them, and their work is well known and respected throughout this and other forum communities.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________

    So, I took the truck back to Sansossio, and Phil Sr. and I (along with another guy that works there) wet sanded and buffed the roof, and it looks great! The lines that I saw and the dirt in the paint is unavoidable, especially due to shrinkage of the paint, and it not being wet sanded and buffed before I picked it up the first time. I know there are 3 stages of clear on the roof though, which is reassuring to know the paint job will last a long time, and any imperfections can be taken care of without much effort.

    There are still a couple very small imperfections, but the end result is definitely satisfactory! The roof shines like a new penny! AND, there was no charge for the wet sand and buff, I got to wash the truck afterward, and I was absolutely respected and taken care of while there. I even learned a few things on how to do paint work.

    So, once again, Thanks to Phil Jr. and Sansossio Autobody for another quality job, and making sure they take care of their customers.
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    This looks like a trend. ;)

    And they're right down the street from me. Score!
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