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Thread: Stupid e46 fenders!!!

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  1. #1 Default Stupid e46 fenders!!! 
    ok, i find it so dumb that the fenders in e46s are cemented because i tried to get my rear fenders rolled tonight on my e46 zhp coupe and it just ran into a nightmare because of the coating on the fenders underneath, is there an easy button, lol because i am about to just get correct fitment wheels for the car and and say f*ck going staggered and aggressive already...
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    PM Brentuning

    Pretty sure he pulled his fenders on his e46 M3
    '94 Toyota Supra ~R.I.P~
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    Pulling and rolling are different bro! lol

    The lip of the fender is pretty much boxed in by a 3/4" thick layer of cement that comes out in tiny chunks. You have to remove the cement to get the lip, and you have to get all of it out to get a smooth roll. Never seen anything like it before .

    e46 fenders are the devil
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