We are now offering coding for most BMW's starting with the E46 all the way to the newest BMW options. Anything outside of this current list isn't supported so please don't ask for custom requests.

E46/E90/E92/E60/E82/E63 and beyond! These coding options are far more affordable then dvd in motion modules, and tpms delete modules, by using the factory coding!

Here are the most popular coding options:

1. Enable remote folding mirrors and windows/sunroof opening/closing
2. Enable remote windows/sunroof opening/closing
3. Enable remote hardtop folding
4. Enable One-touch sunroof venting
5. Enable TV/DVD-in-motion (only for the CIC)
6. Enable Euro front blinkers (disable US Sidemarkers)
7. Enable M3 digital speedometer in the instrument cluster
8. Enable any lights as your Welcome Lights
9. Enable remote trunk opening/closing (X5/X6 only)
10. Disable iDrive warning
11. Disable door gong
12. Disable headlight washers
13. Disable a bulb check error (LED bulbs, HIDs, etc.)
14. Retrofit coding (OEM Alarm, Sirius, PDC etc.)
15. E9x LCI tail lights coding (all FRM versions)
16. Disable TPMS

Inquires and pricing please contact sales@brentuning.com