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Thread: JDM Yo?

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    I don't know much about Japanese cars, but I do believe this is JDM as fuck. Correct me if I'm wrong and these are normal to see around here in the Americas. I wish they kept the sound of the cars in the video.

    I'm growing to like the old GT-R they show, would really like to see one in person. Edit* Here's the GT-R that caught my eye.
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    I'd love to have a KGC10 someday...or a 2000GT...or a 240z(which is most realistic).

    Great to see restos like this going on -- i could look at these cars for hours.
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    hakasuka!!! love them but they go for crazy money in good condition, equilvent of a mint shelby or something u can say. buttttt look at datsun 510 kinda the same lol n cheaper
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    hell yea!! i love old school JDM
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    Quote Originally Posted by streetxdreamer View Post
    hell yea!! i love old school JDM
    Me too.... well oldschool any import really. You should def get one. I could definitely see you rocking something OG.
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    Go get best Motoring - Fuji Style.

    The daddy of all Hakasuka GTR's resides in that DVD, but sure to turn up the volume, it will not disappoint.

    They are not as bad to get as many say they are. They are actually easy to import, so if you find one, you can legally own it.

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    Music makes me want to kick a baby. Also, I thought I read something a few years ago about the japanese being crazy protective of their "heritage" cars, like the old skylines etc, meaning they would be a bitch to get out of the country. Given that it's a yakuza rumor, I kind of doubt that it's true, but either way it's kinda funny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cristov9000 View Post
    Me too.... well oldschool any import really. You should def get one. I could definitely see you rocking something OG.
    quiet little devil on my shoulder
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