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Thread: How to Create a For Sale ad, the right way

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  1. #1 Default How to Create a For Sale ad, the right way 
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    Evening everyone.

    So alot of you know what I do everyday, so I figured what the heck, let me help my fellow YR people with building a for sale ad, that gets attention, sells a car quick, while maintaining gross profit

    My clients that follow what I have below, turn thier vehicles the fastest, and make the most gross profit.

    There are 3 major elements of a GOOD for sale ad. We call them " the 3 P's"

    - Pictures
    - Pricing
    - Puffing (comments)

    You must have good pictures.
    - Most 3rd Party Sites scale them down to 800x400ish. So you dont have to have the best Camera
    -Make sure the car is clean (detailed is best)
    -Choose an area where you are not in the dark, but in an area that has good lighting, make sure the Sun isnt shining in the background, it will ruin your photos.
    - Take as many photos as possible, outlining the high points of the car
    - Bend your knees
    - Picture Rotation is key.
    -Drivers side front corner, drivers side, drivers side rear corner, rear, passenger side rear corner, passenger side, passenger side front corner, front, all 4 wheels and tires, dash fron back seat, picture of each seat, pictures of buttons, pictures of manuals on seats, picture of Monroney Label (window sticker), picture of multiple sets of keys
    - Do not allow any humans, or other cars into your pictures
    - A good backdrop is key

    Puffing (Comments):
    - Turn the Caps locks off
    - Start my mentioning the cars High-points (This BMW 328 comes with a 6yr, 100kmil Certified Pre-owned BMW warranty, Navigation, Cold Weather Package, Technology package which includes Bluetooth, and a Hi-fi Sound System, New tires, brakes, and all fluids were done @ 33k miles, Retail Price: $26500, Sacrifice for $22900) etc.
    - Type in word 1st, if your spelling sucks, chances are you suck too is what the consumer thinks
    - Make sure to list any and all maintenance, but dont make it sound like the entire car has been rebuilt.
    - Play up service history, and let consumers know if you have the records
    - the 1st 150-250 characters in like the initial walk-around when someone is seeing the car in person, you only have that space to get them on a 1st impression
    - Be sure to include contact information

    - No you dont have to give away the farm
    - No Kelly Blue Book retail value isnt right either
    - No your car isnt the BEST car out there, just cause YOU own it
    - Look at what others are selling the car for, be honest with yourself, and price it accordingly.
    - If you take good pictures, and sell the car well in comments, you will justify you price, it doesnt neccesarily have to be the lowest price out there, but give someone a reason to pay more for your car with pictures and comments they will.

    So they contacted me? What do i do now?
    Speak well. Dont curse. Make sure you get thier information. If you dont know the answer, be honest with them. And tell them you will get back to them. And do so in a reasonable amount of time. Be willing and ready to negotiate, make sure you do your own research about why your car is worth more than the next. Remember, they called you.

    Follow up follow up follow up. If you get an inquiry, but dont get an answer call or email them to see if they have any more questions or if they are interested in coming to check out the car. If they say they're not interested. Find out why, it might be something you need to change in your listing, or maybe it might be something they assumed and you can address it.

    I can't tell you how many houses, cars, or rentals i have sold or booked just by following up.

    Remember these people are looking at multiple vehicles more often than not, set yourself apart from the dealers and the other sellers. Be the smart, educated, cordial, respectful seller, and you will sell your car faster and make more money.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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    This worked for me... use it... I got retail money for my M3
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    I think this also applies to job searching minus the picture portion . Good sticky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by husyk View Post
    I think this also applies to job searching minus the picture portion . Good sticky.
    deepends on the job that's applied for....

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    Can you imagine if we had 2 Rich's on this forum? oye
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    Thanks for the tips Chris, I'll be using this when I sell my CLK.
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