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Thread: Detailer's Domain/Sonax Giveaway 3

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  1. #1 Default Detailer's Domain/Sonax Giveaway 3 
    Detailer's Domain - Sonax Giveaway 3


    Post a cool picture up (anything) be creative.
    The picture must be one that you took.

    We will accept up to 5 posts increasing your chance to win.

    Restriction - NSFW, Nudes, Guns, Violences, use your best judgement.

    All entries will be thrown in a hat and 1 winner will be picked.

    Winner will be announced on March 1, 2011.


    Here is the BIG Prize!

    A total of 4 Items that are not available for sale here in the USA. PRICELESS :applause2:

    1 Sonax Cockpit
    1 Sonax 2 in 1 Active Shampoo
    1 Sonax Saphir Power Polish
    1 Sonax Computer Bag (I believe 1 in just a few made)


    Please use "YUPPIE" at checkout for 10% off
    Current Specials
    How to's and FAQ's
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