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Thread: 2004 Bluewater BMW X3 2.5i with 70k Miles, Lots of OEM Extras

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  1. #1 Default 2004 Bluewater BMW X3 2.5i with 70k Miles, Lots of OEM Extras 
    Up for sale is our much beloved 2004 Bluewater BMW X3 2.5i with 70,200 miles. It is hard to let go of this car, but an expanding family means we need a bigger car. This is a fairly rare color on the X3 that was only produced during the first year or so of production. This was formerly a CPO car (until July of 2010) and all services have been completed timely at BMW of Peabody where we purchased it. We have owned the car since 2006 and 27,000 miles, during which time it has been driven primarily by my wife to work, a 3 mile roundtrip from home. It has been our primary family car too so we have taken it on several roadtrips where it performed very well.

    The car is loaded with OEM options including:
    • Bluetooth ($500 installed)
    • MKIV DVD-based Navigation with the most recent software available through BMW ($2,500 option)
    • Upgraded 18 x 8 ET46 Style 113 wheels with new Kumho Ecsta 235/55/18 All Weather Tires ($1,800 installed)
    • Heated and Power/Memory front seats (part of Cold Weather Package)
    • Automatic Transmission and Multi-Function Steering Wheel (part of Premium Package)
    • Aluminum running boards ($700 installed)
    • Panorama Roof
    • Roof rack ($150)
    • All weather floor mats, including cargo area ($120)
    • Panoramic Roof

    These options are in addition to the standard features that were available on the X3 in 2004 such as Hill Descent Control, Traction Control, In-Dash CD player, Trip Computer, etc. The car was special ordered with leatherette interior to increase its utility. The interior looks pretty much as it did when it left the factory. Interior space is class leading. A little known fact is that this X3 had more space than contemporary X5s. The car has been professionally detailed at least every year so the paint is still bright and shiny.

    The car also has an AFE Drop-In High Flow Panel Filter, which is the only aftermarket part on the car and has improved fuel economy and made the car sound much better in the high RPM range.

    Other than the standard maintenance of oil and filter changes, the car has needed very little and has been extremely reliable due to the impeccable maintenance records. In 2009, the central lock actuator was changed, under warranty, since you sometimes had to push the lock button on the key fob a couple of times before it locked. Works perfectly now. Also in 2009, the rattle clip on the rear left caliper snapped due to age (fairly common) and was replaced under warranty. All brake pads and rear rotors were replaced in August of 2010 when the brake sensor was tripped due to worn pads. I also have the front rotors but haven’t gotten them installed yet since the original ones are still in good shape.

    Mechanically, the car is excellent, however, there are a couple of cosmetic imperfections that we never bothered to address:
    • A few scratches on the rear bumper from street parking near my wife’s office. It is garaged otherwise.
    • A small ding and scratch about 1 inch long on the rear driver-side door
    • The plastic molding around the driver side rear wheel has a half inch kink
    • Light scratches on the driver side of the front bumper (barely noticeable)
    • A couple of scratches on the driver seat bolster (a common issue caused by entry/exit of the car)

    As you can see, most of the imperfections are from city driving and never really bothered us. The rear bumper is really the only thing worth replacing. I will have a new OEM one installed free of charge at our asking price.

    We are looking for $17,500 for the car. Even though the price is very competitive, I know this isn’t the cheapest X3 around but you wont find a better value for all the options, utility and reliability this car offers.

    It has been a pleasure owning this car and I am confident the next owner will enjoy it as much as we did. Additional pictures are available upon request. Simply put, if you are looking for an early model X3 with all the bells and whistles, a car that you can take anywhere, is a blast to drive, is economical, and will not let you down, this is the one for you.

    Title in hand for a quick transaction. Open to reasonable offers as well since the replacement is on the way.

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    good luck with the sale... I know it must be in pristine condition... what are you replacing it with?
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    Thanks Pete. Hoping to pick up a Cayenne. This car has been awesome in the snow too by the way. Its a perfect allround car.
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