2011 WRX – TBE only vs. TBE + Tune 299whp / 316wtq


* Cobb Catted downpipe
* Perrin Exhaust


* 11.0 AFR
* 17.85 psi to 13.5 psi redline
* Conservative timing (2011 pistons)
* 299whp and 316wtq


* Look at the area under the curve!
* 2011′s boost control is almost out of duty cycle @ Stage 2 and the stock BCS appears more finicky then <2010′s. The stock cars use a bit more WG Duty as well for the same boost target. Start with a Grimmspeed after Stage 1, IMO.
* The BPV on this particular car was weak and leaked at 18psi.
* The stock tune doesn’t appear to overboost like previous years with a TBE and was actually pretty tame given it was untuned. Subaru has changed the logic regarding boost overshoot with a revised boost targeting logic and solenoid.