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Thread: Ferrari!

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    Saw this on 6speed and thought I'd share.
    Quote Originally Posted by madflava View Post
    I saw this on another board I frequent. I thought this was awesome and was worth sharing.

    Start the music (2nd video with the volume down around 50%) and then 3 second in start the Ferrari video (first one). Enjoy.

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    love these type of videos that blend in
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    the sound from those old F1 cars send chills up my spine, so awesome.
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    The first video was, to my knowledge, and up until a few years ago, the most expensive commercial to ever produce. Also one of my favorites.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cegan09 View Post
    the sound from those old F1 cars send chills up my spine, so awesome.
    Exactly how i feel, Put my hairs on edge!

    cfsj by carstalkerz, on Flickr

    Quote Originally Posted by Intheflesh View Post
    i see it in his drive way everytime i drive by all carstalkerz style
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    Makes me want to get into one of those old F1 cars
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