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Thread: Clear bra and PDR

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    I need to call Phil soon and get my bumpers repainted. While I'm at it, I was hoping to get a few small dents popped out and maybe my front bumper clear bra'd. Anyone know if they do that?
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    Phil has a PDR guy that is AWESOME and there is a shop close by that does clear bra... but if your bumper gets repainted, its going to be at least a month before you can clear bra as your paint needs to cure
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    Thanks for the reply, Pete. I'll be giving him a call today to hopefully schedule my car in while I'm on vaca.
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    See if you can get xpel clear bra. My new car has this and it is 10x better. You can not even notice it on a black car!!

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    Yeah my guy just got his 1st try at that stuff on our customers gt3rs. Haven't seen it in person, hoping its as good as they say. And clearbra and fresh paint: letting it cure on its own, yeah I'd wait a month. If I KNOW you want it asap and its not a plastic panel, I can infrared bake and its next day ready.
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    Getting a clearbra on the front bumper was just gonna be a nice to have, so I can definitely wait for the paint to cure. What I really wanted to have the clearbra on was the 1 piece CF front lip that you'll be installing for me, Phil. Can't wait to have the bumpers repainted. I've been putting it off for over a year and it drives me crazy every time I wash the car and see the imperfections. I'll see ya in a week and a half when I drop the car off.
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