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Thread: BMW X5M/X6M Flash tuning +85whp +100wtq

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  1. #1 Default BMW X5M/X6M Flash tuning +85whp +100wtq 
    If you are looking to turn your already incredible SUV into a supercar slayer look no further then an ECU Remap by BrenTuning. This file transforms the docile X5/X6 into a 4 wheel torque churning beast. Through proper remapping of the boost pressure, fuel, timing, and torque targets and throttle response the TT-V8 can produce incredible power in even stock form on 91 octane. 93 octane files can create slightly higher timing and boost targets. Tuning can be done through the ODB2 port in the vehicle on site. Email for more information.

    Bren Tuning - Unlimited Tuning Solutions
    Phone: 508.762.1769
    Skype: BrenTuning
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    good lord
    Quote Originally Posted by Inf4life View Post
    What Graffix said
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    been had midrange power
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    got 2 friends with X5M's and 2 others with X6M's
    i'll pass this to them
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