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  1. #1 Default Wicked Fresh, Exclusively available on 
    Last summer fellow YR members John (graffix) of Raw Focus Media and Tom (bigpoppa) hatched a plan to start a blog featuring local cars. With tons of great ideas, they approached me. Unfortunately due to time constraints the idea never got off the ground fully, until now.

    The East Coast has an amazing and incredibly diverse automobile culture, the team will showcase it for the world to see. Wicked Fresh plan to offer plenty of entertaining media content for car enthusiasts. John and Tom, will be shooting and posting show and event coverage, local car features, shop reviews, tech articles and even a few surprises too and with such a busy line up of events, The Wicked Fresh team is hitting the ground running!

    I am really excited to announce that all of the Wicked Fresh content will be exclusively featured on Please join me in wishing Tom and John, Team Wicked Fresh, luck in there new venture. YR will be there to help you, as you both have helped this community grow. With John's immense talent behind the camera, and Tom's passion for all things automotive, I see lots of success in the future for both of you.

    Welcome aboard
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    Thanks pete! We should have some stuff up asap as soon as I finish some editing. Got some pretty good surprises in store and a lot of stuff people in this area havent seen before!
    Quote Originally Posted by Inf4life View Post
    What Graffix said
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    Thanks a lot Pete, I'm very excited for this upcoming season!
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    Good luck guys
    this looks very interesting
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    congrats tom joy and graffix
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    Good luck, gentlemen!
    FOB is FOB
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    Good luck guys!
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    Neat endeavor ..good luck Tom+Graff, you guys have the know-how to make this work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mugen View Post
    Neat endeavor ..good luck Tom+Graff, you guys have the know-how to make this work!
    Lol I am going to try and guide them as best as I can... I know a thing or two about websites, lol
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    Graffix's name is John? Have known him for 3-4 years and never knew that
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuicksilverR8 View Post
    Graffix's name is John? Have known him for 3-4 years and never knew that
    this is awesome.

    good luck guys. looking forward to seeing what this is all about. btw if you need a model, i am willing to go full nude. just sayin
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    Congrats guys! Wishing you all the best!
    Quote Originally Posted by Big Pete View Post
    jketch happened.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jketch View Post
    He was so I just kept at it. When he was reaching the breaking point I hammered it harder for about 90 seconds then let off and left.
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    Does that mean you're taking the diffuser off to show your rear end?

    I'm sorry to hear you suffer from Cranial-Rectal Inversion

    Quote Originally Posted by jjm4life View Post
    Older cars just have more soul
    Quote Originally Posted by 55Fanatic View Post
    Can you imagine if we had 2 Rich's on this forum? oye
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    Good stuff, Graffix let me know if you need anything.
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