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Hi everyone,
As those who have been following my thread (or are friends with me on facebook) know, my aunt, Pegi Bartush, passed away recently from stage 3 ovarian cancer. The two of us were very close, and she is the one who first got the gasoline running through my veins. In the past 10 years she has had two 911's, so you could say that she is a Porsche enthusiast. The whole purpose of this rally is to bring together car enthusiasts to raise money for cancer care and research.

We will be leaving at 9:30a.m. and we should arrive at Lime Rock Park between 12pm and 1pm. When we get to Lime Rock Park, there is a race event going on and we will end up watching it.

This rally is for those east coast people who aren't going on Gold Rush, but if you are we most likely will be holding another later on in the Summer.

Entrance fee:
$40($15 of which covers entrance into Lime Rock Park, the other $25 goes directly to charity)
There will be breakfast sandwiches and coffee provided at the starting point, these fees are not included in the entrance costs.

Start Point:
AfterFX Customs
20 Crescent Street, Stamford, CT 06906
Please do not speed in or out of the lot, and refrain from any sort of behavior that would upset locals and police(burnouts, donuts, drifting, etc...)

End Point:
Lime Rock Park, Lakeville, CT

Our route:

Additional donations are encouraged and should be made out to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition(NOCC)
If you are unable to make it and would still like to donate, please PM me.

A liability waiver will be required to be signed or else you will not receive your directions.

Things to bring:
1. Walkie Talkies
2. Radar Detectors
3. Full tank of gas

Please continue the list of attending like this:
1.Stephen-997.2 C2S Cabriolet or B7 S4