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Thread: YR high mileage club (100k+)

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  1. #1 Default YR high mileage club (100k+) 
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    Mar 2009
    San Francisco, CA
    Just curious to see who else is running a high mileage car here too. Maybe this can be a place to put some bitching and moaning about our old cars.

    For me, my 2002 E46 M3 has ~103.5k miles, and recently did a lot of preventive maintenance. Lots of small things to take care of, rubber seals are maybe something to look at too. It's my first time owning a car with so much miles/usage on it.
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    My cayenne rolled off the lot with 18 miles. now i'm up to 95k m. Maine, New York, DC, all the way down to South Carolina. shes done me proud.

    id rock that car till the day it dies, but im getting sick of the color lately
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    you have issues.
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    I am hoping mine DIAF...fucking 25k mark has me crying
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    Apr 2009
    Your mom's basement
    I don't know if I can include myself in this or not lol.
    Car - 1990 Ford Thunderbird SC, 162K and climbing.

    The only mechanical part on the car that has that much mileage on it is the transmission (and drive shaft).
    Engine, entire suspension, brake system, rear end, etc. etc. has all been replaced/upgraded in the past 4 years. Motor has 15k on it or so I'd say.
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    Probably going to get into this club with the M3 before summer ends. I only drive 10 miles each way to work but im at 99K.
    Oh Yeah!
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    1997 Subaru Impreza. Bought Jan 1 2010 with 212k on the clock.. Speedo cable broke somewhere around March 1 2010 with 214k on it... I'm guestimating somewhere around 230k on it...
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    Around 114k miles I think, had the timing belt and stage 1 cam install done at 108k miles around Christmas last year. Bought it almost 3 years ago with 65k miles.

    2005 Civic EX Coupe SE (AT) - 21mm RSX rear sway Bar, Bilstein struts/shocks, Neuspeed Strut Bar, AEM SRI, Eibach Springs, Crower Stage 1 cam, bomerman19's BBK (Black), SS brake lines, Ingalls camber kit (F+R), OEM Fogs w/switch, EP3 Rear Discs (Black), EBC Red brake Pads (F+R)

    1997 Accord EX (MT) - 227k+

    XBL: burnout3amd
    PSN: burnout3amd

    Trade your games and movies on Goozex
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    Don't mind my lurking. Daily driven 240sx, 242,xxx miles.

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    Apr 2009
    Your mom's basement
    ^ High 5 for being featured on iputinwork
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    Mar 2009
    Location Location
    My DD taurus has 108747 as we speak.

    My GT500 has 14k on it
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    FD RX7 has 124k on the frame, glass, carpet, and roof.
    New motor has 14k.

    That count?
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    1989 Mustang GT, 25th Anniversary: Currently has about 140k miles. I have owned it for almost 11 years and it was daily driven (including winter) for 6 of those years . The only things I have replaced out of necessity are the clutch, alternator, and power steering pump. All of the mods done were strictly because I wanted to, not for failing parts. I have had two cars with 60k or less that I have put far more money into. The Mustang has been reliable despite driving it stupid hard as a teenager and still like it's meant to be driven as an "adult."
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    My 94 Poopra has 102K on it. I have a picture of her turning 100K. It was a sad day. Needless to say the entire car has less then about 20K on it. Only thing that has 102 on it is the actual odometer and the unibody (Yes, even the dash is replaced with all dash panels, seats, carpet, glass etc.).

    My 97 M3 has 111K on it.
    Alex W.
    Granite State Dyno and Tune

    94 6speed Supra -- CT76TBB, CCW, Greddy, HKS, etc
    11 Lexus CT200h -- Starfire/Caramel/Nav/Cam/Link/Audio
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    Alex, you should unplug that thing man

    *disclaimer, not saying i know how or would ever do that but it doesn't affect the car, just sayin* lulz
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    Mar 2009
    Near the RI border
    My 1999 Jeep Cherokee daily has 210K on it. Runs like a champ and there is really no sign of it ever stopping..

    I've had other jeeps roll well into the 300K range.
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  16. #16 Default  
    170K on the DJ Wagon.
    Samuel C. Lurie - Owner/President
    The Beantown Sound - Professional Disc Jockey Services
    2012 Mercedes S65-AMG
    2011 Ford E350 Quigley 4x4
    2002 Porsche 996TT
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    I'm stressing that I just hit 11k, thats more than double what I have ever put on a non beater car.
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    Nov 2010
    Somerville, MA
    I'll get there in 2-3 years...maybe longer if I don't leave NE and can get a job I don't drive to.
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  19. #19 Default  
    DD CLK55 has 114k miles...majority preventative maintanence done in the last 1k miles...

    although i'm a bit tired of it, looking for a smg M3...
    w208 Clk55 AMG

    Renntech CF Intake
    secondary cats/resonator delete
    18" Monoblock Aero II
    Magnaflow muffler/tips
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    my 99 accord has 120ish on the ticker
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