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Thread: Leno drives SLS AMG Roadster

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  1. #1 Default Leno drives SLS AMG Roadster 

    2005 Civic EX Coupe SE (AT) - 21mm RSX rear sway Bar, Bilstein struts/shocks, Neuspeed Strut Bar, AEM SRI, Eibach Springs, Crower Stage 1 cam, bomerman19's BBK (Black), SS brake lines, Ingalls camber kit (F+R), OEM Fogs w/switch, EP3 Rear Discs (Black), EBC Red brake Pads (F+R)

    1997 Accord EX (MT) - 227k+

    XBL: burnout3amd
    PSN: burnout3amd

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    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    beautiful car and sounds amazing
    but in my opinion a gullwing isnt a gullwing without the doors.
    Porsche 991 GT3
    Green/ Black Iridescent
    HRE P101-IPE Catless Exhaust- Techart Steering Wheel-991R/ Classic Livery- Carbon Fiber Exterior Package
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    I feel the same. The doors are the coolest part about the car.
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