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Thread: QA position

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    ...just opened up at my company.. Job will be in Cambridge:

    Experienced Software Testing Engineer
    Quality Specialist

    Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Software Quality
    A minimum of 2-3 years experience in Software Testing/Validation or Development
    Fluent English
    Ability to contribute in a collaborative environment, detail-oriented and well organized
    Good verbal and written communication skills
    Good knowledge of general software testing strategies and methodologies
    Experience in the following areas:
    1. Reporting and Dashboarding tools
    2. ETL (Extract, Load & Transform) tools
    3. OLAP knowledge (Microsoft SSAS 2005 and/or SAP NetWeaver BW)
    4. Platforms management and administration
    Experience in development and/or test automation will be a plus
    Send me a PM if you qualify and are interested..

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    i should sent you my resume for the hell of it even though i dont really qualify
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    FYI, Although it's in the same office and same company, this job is not in any product or group or even company division I work with.. I will merely dropping off a resume..
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    is this position working for 'the man' ?
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    given that i didnt know what QA stood for, i do not qualify.
    Bath salts and dick pills
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