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Thread: E60 M5's...

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    I found this on the M5 Board

    original post

    Quote from owner:

    So I was driving from Houston to Dallas for a meeting... I was about 130 miles north of Houston on 45. I was doing about 90 passing a car when I here a loud BANG and some serious noise from the right rear... slowed down safely and pulled over.... assuming a blowout... Called AAA and then got out of the car to check it out. Holy CRAP!! My right rear suspension had totally collapsed!! Had to get towed all the way back to BMW Houston North. That was a joyous 2 hour ride in a tow truck. Don't know what's wrong yet, but with my Dinan suspension, I'm sure it'll be out of my pocket! Even with the Dinan warranty... anxious to hear what the problem is tomorrow. Could have been a serious situation... managed to pull over safely.


    Second M5 same!

    Quote from this owner:
    I sh*t you not, this happened to me today as well in NYC... I ended up blowing the rear EDC shock from a really big pothole, 2-3 week wait from Germany @ 750 dollars from the dealer. I am also lowered on RD Sport springs but they were not damaged. I already put a claim to my insurance company, insurance adjuster is coming tomorrow to assess the damages. Also bent both wheels in the process...

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    inb4 big pete cries about not the suspension failure, but the curbed p40s
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigpoppa822 View Post
    the curbed p40s
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    Glad to see that BMW was so smart that they designed the car to lower itself automatically
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    Oh damn man hella flush stance nation straight from the factory
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Pete View Post
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    damn thats bad
    and the curbed p40s
    but stance is win lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by 55fanatic View Post
    I stopped a moment like that too... I wiped Mat's cheek cause he had nutella all over his face
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