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Thread: Windows 8 Thread

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    Just installed on a test system (Dell Latitude XT2 laptop, 5GB RAM, Centrino - yikes - dual core proc, 128GB SSD).

    The developer preview is wicked raw. DON'T install this on your only system.

    Some initial impressions of the UX... first, I was a converted fan of the Windows Phone 7 UI. I thought I'd HATE it but the more I used it the more I liked it. It's below iOS (although not for EVERYTHING) and definitely above the stinking smoldering sh*theap that Android is. This is an important sidetrack because the new UI in Windows 8 *IS* the Metro UI from Windows Phone 7. The rumors were true.

    How is it? Hard to say after only an hour. Some of the issue is there are only Metro apps supplied by Microsoft. (Those were written by interns BTW apparently). Quality is hit or miss. Twitter-like app works OK. The one for Facebook is flaky. Although Microsoft is billing Win8 as one OS to rule them all, I'm finding quickly that a touch screen is critical for the best experience even with a desktop. The UI is so built toward swiping that I'd go nuts batting at my monitor even if it weren't touch enabled.

    Legacy apps -- which is EVERYTHING -- run in a separate UI space presented as an app. It's as if the app were a remote desktop session or a desktop VM (think Parallels, VMWare Fusion, VMWare Workstation etc). It's a COMPLETE disconnect from the Metro UI and the new shell and apps.

    More as I dig into this deeper, but wanted to post some quick first impressions...

    -=- mf
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    is there a rough release date for windows 8?

    btw, there's already a windows 8 thread:
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