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    I want to welcome Nazar and Wicked C.A.S. on as our newest Supporting Vendor! Not only did the team decide to sponsor Cars and Copters, they also decided to sign and support YR as well!

    For those that don't know about them... Wicked C.A.S. is a complete solution provider for all of your automotive performance needs. They specialize in providing a complete one stop solution to all of your automotive performance needs. Whether you are looking for better times on the drag strip, handling on the track, or audio for the street, we can provide the perfect solution.

    Welcome aboard Nazar and team!
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    Welcome aboard Naz!
    The disease runs deep, relapses often, not looking for a cure, just another sick bastard to share it with.
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    Welcome! I saw the Supra's you guys had at C and C, very very impressive ;)
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    welcome, how does that red lexus pass inspection with a turbo?
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    2010 Red Acura TL Tech Package
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    Quote Originally Posted by the.wong.kid View Post
    welcome, how does that red lexus pass inspection with a turbo?
    That's top secret.

    Welcome Naz and Co.
    Alex W.
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    Welcome nazar

    They did the stereo in the fcar and cayenne

    Here's some pics of cayenne:

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    more pics as promised: (hot linked from sounddomain)

    Heres a pic of the car back in february:

    And some new pics:

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    you have issues.
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