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Thread: Massachusetts Spotters Thread!

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    Unusual spot, very new R8 coupe in white in Woburn MA... had NH plates
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    Out in the rain on Storrow Drive, a DeLorean with the "GIGAWT" plate. Had very cool square halos in front, LED tails... sounded like an open exhaust hehe

    So cool.
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    Blue Sepang R8 v10 coupe in Wellesley, vanity plate on it... never seen him at R8 events thoough...
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    red 458 texting in Watertown MA... SELLHI , cool plate haha
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    Imola yellow RS7 .. F458.. mcLaren passing 4 seasons hotel
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    Red r8 v8 at Harborside... MOCHI also bunch of Murci rdstrs.. maybe The Crew idk
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    Very late Arnage in bright red in needham... grandma driving heheh
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