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Thread: Massachusetts Spotters Thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin.b View Post
    Did you sell the R8?

    If not, is it possible to transfer the SC from the R8 to the Huracan?

    R8 is now in Texas. It could be transferred but would of still needed some additional parts so wasn't worth it
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    Congrats on the sale. I thought you were going to hold off until the spring.

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    sasd to see it go
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    Quote Originally Posted by BadJew View Post
    No R8 for me anymore, Blue Huracan
    Such a fail, I meant Huracan!
    Twitter: @mkeefe / My Company: PixelBit
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    Odd spot in Swellesley today, subzero out.. Bentley Azure, circa 2010 model, top on, dark color, looked like a college aged gal driving while she stared at her iPhone.. wtf
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    McLaren MP3 C3PO black coupe, dirty, passing Wellesley College
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