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  1. #1 Default Wicked CAS IS300 NA-T PROJECT ALMOST DONE 
    Car: IS300
    60mm Turbo
    Knock Off Manifold.
    AEM With DEZOD Harness (There was still a lot of wiring to do)
    3" One Piece Exhaust with Hi-Flow Magnaflow Cat.
    Waste gate spring set at 5-6 psi.
    13 psi Run. 603-642-4222 Car Audio Systems + Fabrications.
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    Auto? More info on the kit itself? Or is it the actual "NA-T" kit?
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    very nice
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    5-speed car it was W58 and we converted it to R-154 with Marlin Crawler parts
    Competition Stage 5 clutch.
    It is a Knock off manifold. (we wanted to build a manifold but it was not in the budget)
    HKS Style wastegate.
    Exhaust is made in House with 3" SS pipe. It is awesome.
    Customer also requested to install a High Flow Cat as part of this exhaust.
    Custom molded a Triple Gauge pod in the center dash.
    Engine had spun a bearing so we machined and rebuilt the bottom end with Wiseco Forged TT pistons. Stock size.
    Head was completely redone.
    We have DeatschWerks in tank upgraded pump 700 cc injectors and -6 Fuel feed and return lines.
    Fuel rail from a Supra.
    Driveshaft shop one piece aluminum driveshaft.
    I am sure I am forgetting something.

    Base wastegate spring was set at 5-6 psi for break-in period.
    Dyno was with base spring... 13 psi was 360 RWHp and an impressive 411 lb-ft Torque.
    At 18 psi and 93 octane this car should put down some impressive numbers.
    Above 18 will need some c16 which we may try depending on if the owner is up to it. 603-642-4222 Car Audio Systems + Fabrications.
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    HRE P101-IPE Catless Exhaust- Techart Steering Wheel-991R/ Classic Livery- Carbon Fiber Exterior Package
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