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Thread: Epe

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    Anyone know anything about European Performance Engineering in Natick? they seem to have a lot of track Porsches, and I have seen a few other cars in there, just wondering what their deal is.
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    Epe's reviews on here are mixed... They do top quality work, with a top quality price tag... Some might say on the verge of price gouging.

    Having said that, they are very knowledgable and always have some ridiculous high dollar cars in the shop
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    i used to use them, they do good work but the prices are way over the top, he will not install parts not supplied by him either

    if you need a good porsche mechanic use eurotech in framingham, hes a lot cheaper and is amazing, he used to work for epe and is incredibly thorough, every time i go there he has cup cars, rs etc
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    Quote Originally Posted by Admin_Pete View Post
    They do top quality work, with a top quality price tag...
    Dot. Jerry is a great guy and everyone there is super knowledgable. Definitely one of the most advanced Porsche shops around, but, you can leave there broke. If you have unlimited money there is no better place.

    Other great shops in the area which are somewhat cheaper are Rene's Rennsport in Framingham and Lenny's Autosport Engineering in Stowe. Lenny is always doing some cool projects, so they're always fun to see when you're picking up or dropping off your car. Currently I believe he has a 996 motor going in his old VW Pick-up truck/van thing. Should be one hell of a tow vehicle.
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    I don't have DIRECT experience with them, but I believe that is the shop that did some cage work to our rally evo, charged a fortune, and did the cage work wrong (that i had to fix)... I recall it being something like $1000 for 1 set of down bars, and they put the bars in way wrong... I will verify if that was the shop or not.

    EDIT: I will also say though, that they are NOT a rally car shop, and I have heard of them doing BADASS work on p cars..
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    jerry does a lot of work for a race team, thats where he makes most of his money, he is not overly concerned with everyone else so charges whatever he wants

    he drives a c63, not that its relevant
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    Thanks guys, mostly I was just wondering what the deal was in there, always lots of nice cars, last week there were 2 mustangs, first time I've seen American cars, and I see the c63 parked all the time.
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