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Thread: My Photo Hangs In A Museum....

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  1. #1 Default My Photo Hangs In A Museum.... 
    I was checking out the downstairs gallery at Larz during Tutto Italiano and what do I find?

    One of my photos is part of a display showcasing the Lawn Events!

    It is such an honor, sincere thanks to the staff at Larz for making this happen!


    PF40 by drivenperfection, on Flickr

    The Display:

    TI54 by drivenperfection, on Flickr

    TI55 by drivenperfection, on Flickr
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    That's awesome, congrats Alex!
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    My photo hangs in the post office...
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    F'ing Sorgio! Congrats Alex!
    Quote Originally Posted by Big Pete View Post
    jketch happened.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jketch View Post
    He was so I just kept at it. When he was reaching the breaking point I hammered it harder for about 90 seconds then let off and left.
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    Congrats boy Alex.
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  6. #6 Default a boss

    Congrats Alex!
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    so cool that this thread is in stereo

    i wonder if i get 2x my post count for posting in this thread LOL
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    TWiG Photography!!!
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    congrats alex

    porche day at larz and you take a pic of a lambo just to be different
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    amazing pic
    congrats Alex!
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