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Thread: New Rules Regarding Posting of Videos Online regarding YuppieRacing members

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  1. #1 Exclamation New Rules Regarding Posting of Videos Online regarding YuppieRacing members 
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    Hey Everyone!

    1st, on Behalf of Pete and the Rest of the YR staff, thank you to those that attended Cape Run! We had a great time!

    It has come to our attention that some video's are popping up online from Cape Run, and other runs that are misrepresenting what we are about.

    This is not directed at any one individual, but to anyone that is taking video and posting it on YouTube, streetfire, or any other video site.

    I completely understand that some of you have created quite a following on youtube, and also that some of you are even making a couple dollars from posting videos. BUT, when you are tagging yuppieracing, or have our members cars in your video's, we ask that you leave out the titles and tags "crash" "racing" "vs" and the like in your videos.

    We also ask that you DO NOT post video's of speedometers, and if there are any accidents, or other incidents, we ask that you do not post them online either.

    The legal ramifications for the people in these videos, could hurt our members, hurt our name, our brand, and quite possibly lead to the end of There have been times in the past people have lost jobs, been mailed tickets, or been summoned to court for things that have shown up online.

    I'm sorry, but too many people have put too much time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears into making this site what it is, to let that happen.

    From now on, if anyone posts video of this nature, could face an IMMEDIATE BAN from the site, and possible banning from attending any future YR events. We also ask that you all go through all of your videos and make sure that none of the tags or titles, or video have anything that could be incriminating in them, and edit them accordingly.

    Take as many video's as you want, but PLEASE be cogniscant of what you post online. As what we are doing could be quickly misinterpreted as going out and "street racing" on these runs or organizing illegal activities. Of which we are not.

    We have alot of GREAT events coming up for 2012 and beyond, and would hate to have to cancel these events because of the actions or lack of action of a few.

    Once again, this is not directed at any one person individually, but to anyone that decides to video any of our events.

    If you have any questions on what this encompasses, please send a Moderator or an Administrator a PM

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation on this.

    The YR staff
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    I will go through as many videos as I can tonight to remove said tags and titles, I want to apologize for not thinking about these issues before posting and if anyone has any direct issues with my videos/pics etc please let me know directly because I do not want to get anyone, especially YR.NET, in trouble or anything like that. Thank you Chris for posting this and giving everyone a warning instead of immediate bans, i appreciate everyone's efforts to make this site the best that it can be so i do not want to bring anything but positive attention to the site.
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