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Thread: Audi TTS Photoshop Help?

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    Can someone pleasee help photoshop this hood onto a black tts? I really dont know if I should get this hood . Its also available in fiber glass.

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    Nobody ever replied and i'm bored soooooooo...
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    cfsj by carstalkerz, on Flickr

    Quote Originally Posted by Intheflesh View Post
    i see it in his drive way everytime i drive by all carstalkerz style
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    Apr 2011
    that hood looks sick!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CustomFerrari View Post
    Nobody ever replied and i'm bored soooooooo...
    hahaha wow finally! thank you lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnIrvine View Post
    that hood looks sick!
    i agree, but costs too much imho, I'm thinking about it.
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